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We are

Swap Asia

The region’s leader in Value-Add Services focuses on creating values in the end-to-end device lifecycles for carriers and manufacturers.


To provide our customers with valued device management and supply chain solutions.


Continue bringing innovation to the telecommunication and supply chain industry.

Expand beyond where we are today, coming out of our comfort zone.

Creating a strong cohesion with our customers.


  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness
  • Customer-first approach.
  • Ensuring continuous growth for our team and improvement in system and processes.
  • Always be proud of what we do.
  • Providing a good work and life balance.

Our Services

Tailored to device end-to-end lifecycle and operator services.

3PL Services

Best-in-class warehouse operations managing high-value devices.

4PL Services

Optimising efficiencies in your wireless value chain.

Protection Services

Earn revenue & reduce churn by protecting customer devices.

Financial Services

Increase customers, sales & cash flow by making devices more affordable.

Trade-In Services

Unlocking the residual value of devices.

Distribution Services

  • Experienced team
  • Proven results
  • Fast Go-to Market coverage
  • Full Value Added Distribution services

Our Strength


With a team of Business Experts experienced in Supply Chain Services, Device Management, Sales & Marketing, Warehousing, and Logistics. We will be able to deliver consistent results meeting beyond customers’ expectations.


Proven track record with a key operator in Malaysia showing time-and-time again we exceed their expectations year after year since 2008

Swap Asia continues to heavily invest in People, Systems, and Processes ensuring we continue to deliver innovations to our customers ensuring they remain the leader in their markets.

All our services are fully catered to telecommunications and device supply chain management and distribution making us a company capable of delivering everything under one roof allowing us to deliver unmatched end-to-end device lifecycle solutions to our customers.

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